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Should You Select OptionsXO as Your Leading Binary Options Partner?

I have been involved in the binary options industry for a few years now and this has given me the opportunity to review as well as to trade with a wide selection of binary options brokers. While I have definitely had some very bad experiences, there are some brokers who deserve to be recognized for their professionalism and top service within this industry. One of these brokers is OptionsXO. While this broker only started operating in 2012, they have quickly been recognized as a leading broker offering global traders superior trading tools and features.

Before we get stuck in to this comprehensive OptionsXO review, I have prepared a brief summary of this broker so you can get a taste of what they have to offer.

REBATE 0 – 15% Rebate
ACCOUNT TYPES Four Account Types – Mini, Silver, Gold, Platinum
ACCEPTED CURRENCIES US Dollar, Euro and British Pound Sterling
ASSETS INDEX Stocks, commodities, currency pairs and indices
WITHDRAWAL FEES Up to $25 withdrawal fee
REFERRAL PROGRAMS Refer-a-friend – Up to $500 Bonus (10% of Deposit Amount)

Now that you have an overview of OptionsXO, let’s review this broker.

OptionsXO Website

When you enter the OptionsXO website, you will immediately notice the video playing on the homepage which gives you a full overview of this broker and what they have to offer. The site is modern and easy to navigate and all important elements of binary options trading can be found on the homepage. These include opening an account, live chat, access to their educational tools, banking information, FAQ’s and more. You will also notice that the website is offered in eight different languages namely English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Russian and Turkish which gives a clear indication that OptionsXO caters for traders worldwide. While this broker looks good, the true test will be once we open a trading account so let’s get started.

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Opening a Trading Account with OptionsXO

From the homepage of the website, you can open a free live trading account. Once you click on the ‘Open Account’ tab, you will be redirected to a registration page. Here you will need to provide your full name, country, contact telephone number, birth date and email address. You will also need to select a username and password for your account as well as select the currency of your trading account. Here your choices are US Dollar, British Pounds and Euro and once you make this selection, it cannot be changed at a later stage. Once you have confirmed that you are over 18 years of age and have agreed to the broker’s terms and conditions, you can submit the required information. Your trading account with OptionsXO is now open.

OptionsXO offers four different account types each with their own features and benefits, namely:

  1. Mini Account
  2. Silver Account
  3. Gold Account
  4. Platinum Account

Let us review these accounts in more detail.

Mini Account

This account type requires an initial minimum deposit of only $100. In return, OptionsXO will provide you with full access to their trading platform and all instruments such as 60 Seconds and boundary. You will also have access to trade all their assets and no broker commissions will be charged. The Mini Account will also give you access to 24 hour support and assistance. This type of trading account is ideal for novice traders.

Silver Account

This account type requires an initial minimum deposit of $2,000 and in return, OptionsXO will provide you with an additional 2% return on every trade. While you will also receive all the benefits of a Mini account, Silver account holders also receive free access to the OptionsXO learning center as well as free trading support from market analysts and experts.

Gold Account

If you make an initial minimum deposit of $5,000 at OptionsXO, you will be eligible for their Gold Account. With all the benefits provided to a Silver account holder, the Gold account also gives traders an additional 3% return on every trade.

Platinum Account

This account requires an initial minimum deposit of $10,000 and these account holders receive all the perks offered to the Silver account holder plus an additional 4% return on every trade.

With this selection of trading accounts, OptionsXO enables you to select an account based on your trading experience and needs. Let us now look at the trading platform offered by this broker.

Trading Platform & Assets

The OptionsXO trading platform is powered by Techfinancials and it is 100% web-based which means that you do not need to download any software. Once you have logged into your trading account, you can access the platform which is easy to navigate and to use. OptionsXO offers a selection of trade options including High/Low, One Touch, Short Term and Boundary. This broker also offers high-yield options which have payout rates of up to 360% on each trade. There are three high yield options namely, above/below, high-yield touch and high-yield boundary and these are conveniently located on the trading platform so you can access them with ease. The minimum amount of money that can be invested on each trade is $10 while the maximum is $10,000.

OptionsXO offers a wide selection of assets to trade in and a full list of these assets can be found on the trading interface. You can also access the Asset Index on the homepage of the website and detailed information is provided on each asset including the trading hours and the trading symbol of the asset. This broker offers trading in 15 indices such as Hang Seng Future and Dow Jones, 10 commodities such as corn and coffee, 30 currency pairs such as NZD/CHF and EUR/AUD and 33 stocks such as Disney and Facebook. You can also trade one asset against another to see which will perform better by the expiry of the trade such as gold versus silver or gold versus the Japanese yen (JPN).

There is also a selection of risk management tools available on the trading platform including early closure, rollover and double up. The early closure feature enables a trader to sell or close a trade before the expiry time. In return, a payout will be received based on the spot rate of the asset and in this way, you can save part of your investment should your trade appear to be ending out-of-the-money. This feature is not available in the first five minutes of the trade or the last 5-7 minutes of the trade. The rollover feature allows you extend the expiry time of an existing trade. Sometimes an asset price requires more time to reach a desired mark and the rollover feature will give you the opportunity to do this. If you use this feature, your initial investment amount will increase by 30%. The Double Up feature is great to use when it looks as if your trade will end in-the-money. This feature will double up the initial investment amount so that you can make double the profit.

If you have ever read that OptionsXO is a scam, then surely by now you have realized that this broker is professional and offers a wealth of features which can enhance your trading success. But there is more so let’s move on.

OptionsXO Deposits and Withdrawals

A core criterion of a good broker is the ability for the trader to deposit and withdraw money in and out of their trading account with ease. OptionsXO has ensured that you can execute banking from within your trading account and they offer a variety of banking options such as credit cards, debit cards, MoneyBookers (Skrill), Ukash, Liberty Reserve, CashU and wire transfer. As we have said, the minimum deposit requirement is $100 but it is $500 if you are using wire transfer. The broker also has a maximum daily deposit of $10,000. In order to verify your account, OptionsXO may require a trader to send documentation including a copy of an ID book or passport, a utility bill as well as a copy of both sides of the credit card displaying only the last four digits and the expiry date.

Withdrawing funds from OptionsXO is easy to do. Simply complete a withdrawal request form from your trading account and the money will be transferred back to the source of payment. It is important to note that any withdrawals made through a credit or debit card cannot exceed the original amount invested and the minimum withdrawal amount is $100 via wire transfer. The broker also charges a $25 fee for each withdrawal and it takes 4-7 business days to process the withdrawal from the time the request is received.

Let us look at another important feature related to money – the rate of return.

Rate of Return and Bonuses

OptionsXO offers a rate of return of up to 89% for trades that end successfully or in-the-money. They also offer a 0-15% rebate on unsuccessful trades. The broker also offers between 2-4% extra return based on your trading account type. The High Yield trade options also payout returns of between 200-360% of your initial investment. So if you are serious about making money while trading binary options online, then OptionsXO is definitely the answer.

The broker is also currently offering a 50% welcome bonus which means that if you make a deposit of $2,000, OptionsXO will give you an extra $1,000 in your trading account to trade with. The terms of this bonus are clearly outlined on the website so make sure to read this information carefully since these bonuses require a trading turnover before any withdrawal is allowed. Remember that you do not have to accept the bonus so assess the implications carefully.

OptionsXO also has a refer-a-friend program where you can earn up to $500 for each friend you refer to the broker. In order for you to qualify for this bonus, your friend will need to open an account and make an initial deposit and you will receive 10% of this initial deposit. Sounds good right? Well this broker has more to offer.

Educational Trading Tools

When it comes to educational trading tools, there can be no complaints against OptionsXO. This broker has provided a whole range of trading tools including an economic calendar, expiry calculation, detailed information on how to trade, fundamental analysis, major market indicators, trading guidelines, advantages of binary options and much more. They also offer a full FAQ’s section as well as a comprehensive glossary of important terms. OptionsXO also has a vast video section which offers a range of videos for beginners, advanced and their trading platform. The beginners’ videos cover topics such as course introduction, the world of global trading, binary options advantages and more while the advanced course covers trend trading, trading strategies, market analysis types and more. The ‘Our Platform’ videos cover the various trade options and how to trade them such as high/low, boundary and short term.

OptionsXO also offers an in-depth video course which covers an introduction to binary options, trading psychology, market analysis and financial management. If this is not enough, you can also access the broker’s eBook which offers topics such as learn how and when to trade, tips for successful trading and much more. Whether you are new to trading online or a professional, this broker offers a wide range of trading tools and education which will enhance your trading effectiveness and ultimately, your profits. The added bonus is that you can also trade on your mobile phone.

OptionsXO Mobile Trading App

OptionsXO has provided their traders with the flexibility to trade while on the go. Their mobile platform enables traders to access their trading accounts from their mobile phones and trade. This platform has the same functionality as the web version enabling traders to trade with ease. You can also monitor your open trades from this mobile version and keep updated with the latest market movements.


In case you were wondering how safe it is to trade with OptionsXO, let me put your mind at ease. The broker dedicates a full section on their website regarding the safety of their traders’ personal and financial information. That is, any information that is transmitted between the broker and the trader’s computer is encrypted using a 128 bit SSL encryption certificate. Sensitive data such as passwords and credit cards details are also maintained in encrypted format. OptionsXO also ensures the confidentiality of a trader’s personal information and they ensure this with the implementation of data protection procedures which are checked regularly. The trading platform of this broker is also regulated and authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). So it is quite clear that you can trade with peace of mind with OptionsXO.

Let us move on now to the customer support offered by this broker.

Customer Support

It is important for a trader to be able to make contact with their broker 24/7 and OptionsXO has made sure that it is easy to contact them at any time. Customer support can be contacted via Live Chat or you can contact them via email. The broker has also provided 12 international support numbers such as in London, Turkey, Australia, Spain, Japan, Germany and more. OptionsXO’s physical address is also available on the site and they are based in London, United Kingdom.infor bi Лобановскийконтекстная реклама в гугліміджооо полигонdutch translationвелосипед украина цена

I have been involved in the binary options industry for a few years now and this has given me the opportunity to review as well as to trade with a wide selection of binary options brokers. While I have definitely had some very bad experiences, there are some brokers who deserve to be recognized for …

Review Overview

Ease of Use - Easy-to-use trading platform with a wide selection of features - 95%
Welcome Bonus - 50% Match Bonus - 90%
Minimum deposit - $100 - 90%
Minimum Trade - $10 - 90%
Trade Options - High/Low, One Touch, Boundary and Short Term - 85%
Banking Options - Credit card, debit card, wire transfer, MoneyBookers, Liberty Reserve, CashU and UKash - 85%
Trading Platform - Techfinancials – No software download required - 100%
Customer Support - Live Chat, Email, Fax and Telephone - 100%
Educational Tools - Videos, eBook, daily and weekly market reviews and more - 95%
Languages - English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Russian and Turkish - 90%


Summary : Having had the opportunity to work with and trade with many binary options brokers, I can easily state with confidence that OptionsXO is one of the top brokers in the industry today. This OptionsXO review has covered all elements and if you are still not convinced, why not sign up now and experience for yourself what a leading broker is all about.

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