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Is OptiMarkets A Scam? This Review Will Give You the Facts

The first step for any online trader is to partner with a reliable and reputable binary options broker.  The best place to look for the most suitable broker is on the Internet and when I did my search, I was quite surprised to see many OptiMarkets reviews which claim that this broker is a scam. I decided to take it upon myself to review this broker in detail so that I could make an educated decision and here are the facts.

To start, below is a general overview of OptiMarkets and we will then explore each feature and service in detail.

REBATE 0 – 10% Rebate
ACCOUNT TYPES Standard Account
ACCEPTED CURRENCIES US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan
ASSETS INDEX Stocks, commodities, currency pairs and indices
WITHDRAWAL FEES No fees charged – Minimum withdrawal amount is $200


optimarkets website screenshot

The OptiMarkets website has a modern look and it is easy to navigate. Everything you need in order to trade binary options online can be found on the homepage of the site. These include opening an account, terms and conditions, live chat, assets index, FAQ’s, information on how to trade and more. The site is offered in three languages namely, English, French and German. The best way to test a broker, is to access their trading platform and review their features and services so my next step is to open an account.

Opening a Trading Account

From the homepage of the website, you can complete a short registration form which requires your first name, phone and email address. It is clearly marked on the website that there is no charge for opening a trading account. Before submitting the required information, you can also select to receive a free training guide. Once you have submitted this data, you will be redirected to a registration form which requires your full name, your birth date and your country. At this stage, you are also required to select your account base currency and you can choose between US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan. Once you have made this selection it cannot be changed at a later stage. The registration form also requires you to verify that you are over the age of 18 years and you can also opt in to receive the broker’s newsletter. Once this information is submitted, your trading account is open and you can trade.

It is important to note that there is no OptiMarkets demo account. That is, this broker does not offer a training account which will allow you to practice trading in a live environment without the risk of losing any real money. Despite this, the minimum investment amount is $5 per trade which is a reasonable amount if you are new to the online trading world.

The entire process of opening an account with OptiMarkets was easy to do and it only took me a few minutes. So to address some of the OptiMarkets complaints, until now I have not found anything wrong with the broker.

Let us move on now to the trading platform.

Trading Platform

The OptiMarkets trading platform is 100% web-based which means you do not need to download any software. Once you have logged into your trading account, you will immediately gain access to this platform. OptiMarkets offers five different trade options including digital options which is the same as standard binary options trading, Turbo trade options which are short term trades with expiry times of 1 minute, 2 minutes and 5 minutes as well as the Touch trade option. Here the trader does not only need to predict if the price of the asset will move up or down by the expiry of the trade, but he/she also needs to predict if the asset price will ‘touch’ or reach a target rate by the expiry of the trade. The One Touch trade option is very similar to the Touch trade options except that with this trade option, the trader can select ‘touch’ or ‘no touch’. That is, you can predict if the price of the asset will touch or not touch the target rate by the expiry of the trade. The Range trade options require a trader to predict if the price of the asset will fall inside or outside of the established price range by the expiry of the trade.

One of the great features on the OptiMarkets trading platform is you can select the type of view you want for the trading platform such as, Multi for multiple open trades on the screen, Classic which places one open trade on the screen with a dropdown Asset box to view other assets trading as well as Chart which provides you with a detailed historical price chart of the selected asset. The trading platform is intuitive and all important information such as the strike price of the asset, the rate of return, the expiry time of the trade, are clearly marked on each trade.

Let us move on now to review the assets offered by this broker.

Assets Index

All the assets available to trade on the OptiMarkets trading platform are clearly listed on the interface but you can also review these assets from the Asset Index on the homepage. This broker offers four asset classes to trade in namely, stocks, commodities, currencies and indices. Detailed information on each asset is available on the site and this also includes the trading symbol and the trading hours of the asset. OptiMarkets offers 6 commodities such as gold and silver, 10 indices such as Dow Jones and IBEX, 70 stocks such as L’Oreal and IBM as well as 12 currency pairs such as AUD/USD and USD/CAD. This is an impressive number of assets and the wide variety can definitely help a trader to trade effectively.

My experience of OptiMarkets at this point has been very positive and I have not found any indication that this broker is a scam but let’s move on now to their banking facilities.


To open a trading account with OptiMarkets is free of charge but in order to access and use their trading platform, you need to make a minimum deposit of $200 or the currency selected when you opened the account. This amount is very reasonable since many brokers charge up to $400 as the initial minimum deposit. Deposits and withdrawals can be done using either a credit card or wire transfer. OptiMarkets has also clearly outlined their withdrawal policy in their terms and conditions so make sure to read this information. The broker has a minimum withdrawal amount of $200 and they do not charge any withdrawal fees. When you request your first withdrawal, you will need to provide the broker with identification documents so that your details can be verified. I like the fact that OptiMarkets goes the extra mile to protect their trader’s financial details and money. Once you have made a withdrawal request, it will take up to 14 days for this request to be processed by the broker. Another important point to remember is that once you have made your initial minimum deposit, you cannot request a withdrawal for the first 15 days so keep this in mind when you open an account with the broker.

Let us move on now to the rate of return and bonuses.

Rate of Return and Bonuses

OptiMarkets offers a rate of return up to 91% on trades that end successfully or in-the-money. This broker also provides a 0-10% rebate on trades that end unsuccessfully. Trading the One Touch trade option offers returns of up to 600% so you can really make money with this broker.

OptiMarkets is also currently offering a 100% welcome bonus as well as a 250% bonus up to $5,000. That is, based on the 100% bonus, if you deposit $200 into your trading account, the broker will give you an extra $200 in your trading account. While this sounds like an excellent offer, it is very important to check the terms of this bonus. That is, you will need to trade the deposit and the bonus thirty times before you can request a withdrawal so be sure to assess this before accepting the bonus amount.

With everything that you have read so far, it is quite clear that OptiMarkets is a top broker offering great service and features. But if you are still not convinced, then let us review the educational trading tools offered by the broker.

Educational Trading Tools

When it comes to educational trading tools, this would have to be my first complaint of OptiMarkets. When reviewing the website, you will find a lot of information on how to trade, as well as how to trade each trade option. There is also information explaining binary options as well as a full glossary and FAQ’s section. Another great trading tool is the trading simulator on the homepage of the site which allows you to experience binary options trading for each of the trade options. Other than this, there doesn’t seem to be any additional trading tools.

Once you have opened a trading account with OptiMarkets, you will receive a trading guide which is very informative and helpful. I also contacted their customer support and the representative told me about the trading webinars that this broker offers. That is, OptiMarkets offers a wide variety of webinars which cover important topics such as how to trade on the OptiMarkets trading platform, trading strategies, fundamental and technical market analysis and more.

Despite all the education tools mentioned above, I did feel like these tools were limited but it seems that the customer support of the broker makes up for this.

Customer Support and Service

OptiMarkets can be contacted via Live Chat, email and telephone. While it says on the homepage of the site that you can ‘Call’ the broker, when you click on this image, you are redirected to the Live Chat. The support staff is friendly, helpful and professional and they responded to my questions immediately.

Let us move on now to safety.


Mouse trap isolated on a white background with optimarkets logo

One of the first things I noticed when I entered the OptiMarkets website, is that this broker guarantees 100% safe trading. The broker states that they offer top security technology, encrypted financial data and they also guarantee that your funds are 100% secure. They also offer a full explanation of this on their site and explain that they have a firewall in place which only allows access for the services required by the system. All information exchanged between you and the broker is also encrypted using a 128-bit SSL encryption certificate issued by Go Daddy. This definitely should give you peace of mind that your personal and financial information is secure when trading with OptiMarkets. Лобановскийноутбук планшетбаннерная реклама в интернете стоимостьпродвижение сайтов рекламапродвижение сайтов за рубежомhebrew toхудожественный паркет своими руками

The first step for any online trader is to partner with a reliable and reputable binary options broker.  The best place to look for the most suitable broker is on the Internet and when I did my search, I was quite surprised to see many OptiMarkets reviews which claim that this broker is a scam. …

Review Overview

Ease of Use - Superior trading platform with a wide selection of trading tools - 95%
Welcome Bonus - Up to 250% or %5,000 Bonus - 100%
Minimum deposit - $200 - 95%
Minimum Trade - $25 and $5 on 60 Seconds - 90%
Trade Options - Digital Options, 60 Seconds, Touch and Range - 80%
Banking Options - Credit card or wire bank transfer - 65%
Trading Platform - SpotOption – No software download required - 100%
Customer Support - Live Chat, Telephone and Email - 80%
Educational Tools - Minimal information provided on the website and free training guide when you sign-up - 70%
Languages - English, French and German - 70%


Summary : Yes you may have read about OptiMarkets scams but this comprehensive OptiMarkets review has looked at every feature and service offered by this broker. My experience of them has been very positive and I can definitely say without any hesitation that OptiMarkets is a professional broker offering top services, making them the right partner to trade binary options with online.

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